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Complaint Filed Against NYS "Ethics" Employees for Illegal Wiretapping

... the widespread illegal wiretapping included targeted 
New York State judges and attorneys...
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April 3, 2013

Robert Moossy, Jr., Section Chief 
   Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division
US Department of Justice                                                       
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530
via facsimile # 202-514-6588

RE: Formal Complaint Against New York State Employees Involving 
Constitutional Violations, including widespread illegal wiretapping

Dear Mr. Moossy,

In researching and reporting on various acts of corruption in and about the New York State Court System, specific reviewed evidence supports allegations that over a ten-year-plus period of time, certain NYS employees participated in the widespread practice of illegal wiretapping, inter alia.  As these individuals were in supervisory positions at “ethics oversight” committees, the illegal wiretapping largely concerned attorneys and judges, but their actions also targeted other individuals who had some type of dealings with those judicial and attorney “ethics” committees.

The NY state-employed individuals herein complained of include New York State admitted attorneys Thomas Joseph Cahill, Alan Wayne Friedberg, Sherry Kruger Cohen, David Spokony and Naomi Freyda Goldstein.

At some point in time shortly after 9/11, and by methods not addressed here, these individuals improperly utilized access to, and devices of, the lawful operations of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (the “JTTF”).  These individuals completely violated the provisions of FISA, ECPA and the Patriot Act for their own personal and political agendas.  Specifically, these NY state employees essentially commenced “black bag operations,” including illegal wiretapping, against whomever they chose- and without legitimate or lawful purpose.

To be clear, any lawful act involving the important work of the JTTF is to be applauded.  The herein complaint simply addresses the unlawful access- and use- of JTTF related operations for the personal and political whims of those who improperly acted under the color of law.  Indeed, illegally utilizing JTTF resources is not only illegal, it is a complete insult to those involved in such important work. 

In fact, hard-working and good-intentioned prosecutors and investigators (federal and state) are also victims here, as they were guided and primed with knowingly false information.

Operations involving lawful activity- and especially as part of the important work of the JTTF and related agencies- are not at issue here. This complaint concerns the illegal use and abuse of such lawful operations for personal and political gain, and all such activity while acting under the color of law.  This un-checked access to highly-skilled operatives found undeserving protection for some connected wrong-doers, and the complete destruction of others- on a whim, including the pre-prosecution priming of falsehoods (“set-ups”).  The aftermath of such abuse for such an extended period of time is staggering.

It is believed that most of the 1.5 million-plus items in evidence now under seal in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York, case #09cr405 (EDNY) supports the fact, over a ten-year-plus period of time, of the illegal wiretapping of New York State judges, attorneys, and related targets, as directed by state employees. 

To be sure, the defendant in #09cr405, Frederick Celani, is a felon who is now regarded by many as a conman. Notwithstanding the individual (Celani), the evidence is clear that Celani once supervised lawful  “black bag operations,” and, further, that certain NYS employees illegally utilized access to such operations for their own illegal purposes.  (Simple reference is made to another felon, the respected former Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, Sol Wachtler, who many believe was victimized by political pre-priming prosecution.)

In early February, 2013, I personally reviewed, by appropriate FOIL request to a NYS Court Administrative Agency, over 1000 documents related to the herein complaint.   Those documents, and other evidence, fully support Celani’s claim of his once-lawful supervisory role in such JTTF operations, and his extended involvement with those herein named.  (The names of specific targeted judges and attorneys are available.)

One sworn affidavit, by an attorney, confirms the various illegal activity of Manhattan’s attorney “ethics” committee, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the “DDC”), which includes allowing cover law firm operations to engage in the practice of law without a law license.  Specifically, evidence (attorney affidavits, etc.) supports the claim that Naomi Goldstein, and other DDC employees supervised the protection of the unlicensed practice of law.  The evidence also shows that Ms. Goldstein knowingly permitted the unlicensed practice of law, over a five-year-plus period of time, for the purpose of gaining access to, and information from, hundreds of litigants. 

Evidence also supports the widespread illegal use of “black bag operations” by the NYS employees for a wide-range of objectives: to target or protect a certain judge or attorney, to set-up anyone who had been deemed to be a target, or to simply achieve a certain goal. The illegal activity is believed to not only have involved attorneys and judges throughout all of the New York State, including all 4 court-designated ethics “departments,” but also in matters beyond the borders of New York.

Other evidence points to varying and widespread illegal activity, and knowledge of such activity, by these and other NYS employees-  all of startling proportions. 
For example:

- The “set-up” of numerous individuals for an alleged plot to bomb a Riverdale, NY Synagogue. These individuals are currently incarcerated.  The trial judge, U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon, who publicly expressed concerns over the case, saying, “I have never heard anything like the facts of this case. I don’t think any other judge has ever heard anything like the facts of this case.” (2nd Circuit 11cr2763)

- The concerted effort to fix numerous cases where confirmed associates of organized crime had made physical threats upon litigants and/or witnesses, and/or had financial interests in the outcome of certain court cases.  

- The judicial and attorney protection/operations, to gain control, of the $250 million-plus Thomas Carvel estate matters, and the pre-prosecution priming of the $150 million-plus Brooke Astor estate. 

- The thwarting of new evidence involving a mid 1990‘s “set-up” of an individual, who spent over 4 years in prison because he would not remain silent about evidence he had involving financial irregularities and child molestation by a CEO of a prominent Westchester, NY non-profit organization. (Hon. John F. Keenan)

- The wire-tapping and ISP capture, etc., of DDC attorney, Christine C. Anderson, who had filed a lawsuit after being assaulted by a supervisor, Sherry Cohen, and after complaining that certain evidence in ethics case files had been improperly destroyed. (See SDNY case #07cv9599 - Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin, U.S.D.J.)

- The eToys litigation and bankruptcy, and associates of Marc Dreir, involving over $500 million and the protection by the DDC of certain attorneys, one who was found to have lied to a federal judge over 15 times.

- The “set-up” and “chilling” of effective legal counsel of a disabled woman by a powerful CEO and his law firms, resulting in her having no contact with her children for over 6 years. 

- The wrongful detention for 4 years, prompted by influential NY law firms, of an early whistleblower of the massive Wall Street financial irregularities involving Bear Sterns and where protected attorney-client conversations were recorded and distributed. 

-  The blocking of attorney accountability in the $1.25 billion Swiss Bank Holocaust Survivor settlement where one involved NY admitted attorney was ultimately disbarred- in New Jersey. Only then, and after 10 years, did the DDC follow with disbarment. (Gizella Weisshaus v. Fagan)

Additional information will be posted on

The allegations of widespread wiretapping by New York’s so-called “ethics” committees were relayed to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on February 15, 2013, and to the DDC Chairman Mr. Roy R. L. Reardon, Esq., who confirmed, on March 27, 2013, his knowledge of the allegations. (Previously, on March 25, 2013, I had written to DDC Deputy Chief Counsel Naomi Goldstein, copying Mr. Reardon, of my hope that she would simply tell the truth about the improper activity, inter alia.) 

New York judges and lawyers, and obviously the public, deserve immediate action to address the widespread corruption in and about New York’s so-called “ethics” oversight entities. 

Please take immediate action regarding this troubling issue, and so as to continue the DOJ’s efforts to help all New Yorkers restore their faith in their government.

U.S. Attorney Loretta E. Lynch via facsimile 718-254-6479 and 631-715-7922
U.S. DOJ Civil Rights Section via facsimile 202-307-1379, 202-514-0212
The Hon. Arthur D. Spatt, via facsimile 631-712-5626
The Hon. Colleen McMahon via facsimile 212-805-6326
Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin via facsimile 212-805-7920
Assistant U.S. Attorney Demetri Jones via facsimile 631-715-7922
Assistant U.S. Attorney Perry Carbone via facsimile 914-993-1980
Assistant U.S. Attorney Brendan McGuire  via 212-637-2615 and 212-637-0016
FBI SSA Robert Hennigan via facsimile 212-384-4073 and 212-384-4074
Pending SEC Chair Mary Jo White via facsimile 212-909-6836


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