Monday, November 3, 2014

Cuomo’s Moreland Commission Ethics Block Worse Than First Reported

Cuomo’s Moreland Commission Ethics Block 
Worse Than First Revealed, Says Insider

Feds have evidence of Governor scrambling to prevent public testimony describing the Systemic Corruption of 9 New York State ‘ethics’ organizations…

The corruption-savvy governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was “completely frantic” to shut down his Moreland Commission, according to an insider who reviewed new evidence provided to the Feds less than three weeks ago.

Those loyal to Andrew Cuomo were, “…. frozen with fear that planned Moreland Commission public testimony would result in the headline ‘Even Ethics Oversight is Corrupt 
in  New York,’ according to the source.  

“The concern by Cuomo white-washers was that a public ‘show’ providing over one million pages of evidence was planned, supposedly providing proof that the New York State Attorney General’s office had evidence, since Cuomo ran that office, that various so-called  ‘ethics’ groups in New York had improper politically-directed agendas based on the whims of political insiders, and that there was a pattern of illegal behavior by state employees, including the wide-spread use of 24/7 wiretapping.”

COMING SOON:   Insider to testify about widespread NY State Voting Fraud !!!


  1. Didn't Andrew have $40 million reasons not to let an ethics investigation hurt his friends?!

  2. Cuomo is just as corrupt as the rest of the bums !

  3. It certainly overdue that Andrew should get his lumps!

  4. Said but true - Cuomo is another crony - of the well to do!

  5. The Web of Corruption in NY is deep and wide

  6. do trust that the feds are all on line on Andy and his 'friends' - big brother is listen and little brother is investigating!

  7. The staff had orders not to allow people to speak and they just said 'you are not on the list' and that's all there was - We were there and they wouldn't even let us in - some public hearing! It was all a Fraud!

  8. Andy has had other situations where he has been Jacked Up and stayed Cool and walked - maybe it caught up him at last.