Friday, February 15, 2013

Letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Re: Wiretapping Judges

The letter was delivered to the Governor's Manhattan and Albany offices:
202-374-3680 tel
 202-827-9828 fax    

February 15, 2013

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo,
   Governor of New York State
NYS Captiol Building
Albany, New York 12224   [**REDACTED**]

RE: Illegal Wiretapping of Judges by The Commission on Judicial Conduct

Dear Governor Cuomo

I respectfully request that you telephone Assistant U.S. Attorney  [**REDACTED**] and ask whether there is any credible evidence in the millions of documents, currently under court seal in case # [**REDACTED**] regarding the illegal wiretapping of New York State judges and attorneys  [**REDACTED**]

I believe you will quickly confirm that certain NYS employees at the judicial and attorney “ethics” committees routinely directed such “black bag operations” by grossly and illegally abusing their access to  [**REDACTED**]

New York judges and lawyers, and obviously the public, deserve immediate action to address the widespread corruption in and about the state’s so-called “ethics” oversight entities. According, it is requested that you temporarily shut down and secure New York’s “ethics” offices and appoint, by executive order, an Ethics Commission to investigate, etc. 

Please take immediate action regarding this vital issue, and so as to continue your efforts to help all New Yorkers restore their faith in their government.   [**REDACTED**]

cc: Assistant U.S. Attorney  [**REDACTED**]
The Hon.  [**REDACTED**]


  1. The corruption in New York has cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. Follow the money!

  2. Let me know when I can stop holding my breath.

  3. Andy if you have any idea of becoming 'President' Do The Right Thing

  4. Yes Sir,

    You may respond EMAIL as I am traveling at this time. Any copies of information You need to send May Be Attached PDF or other Scanned Format. I am on a turn around to Arizona and likely Oregon and Idaho next SO PLEASE use this Email Address. Thank You.

    Judson Witham

    On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 9:56 AM, wrote:

    Mr. Witham,

    Could you please supply me with your address so that we may reply to the
    information you are seeking.

    Thank you-

    Tonya Speckhardt
    Administrative Assistant, Albany
    Office of Senator John J. Bonacic
    (518 ) 455-3181

  5. Mike Ventre, Senator John J. Bonacic

    I have gone to every Office of Court Administration and Library as instructed by the Warren County Court Clerk's Office. The APPEAL that was filed and the TRANSMISSION of the Record for appeal along with THE APPEAL ITSELF has been requested for many many months. The ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE and the Faked and Altered and Fraudulent Lien and Loan Papers of Arthur Greenberg Were FAKED and ALTERED. The reality is the greatly delayed payment or consideration for the Foreclosure Sale vitiated that sale as allowing a bidding Months to pay is simply unconscionable and improper. The payment for the sale was NOT required the Day of The Sale as should have been the case. My Father and His Mother as well as My Brother Clifford has gone to the sale to bid themselves and or redeem the property for cash. Instead My Father was arrested and jailed. I want the entire Appellate Record THE APPEAL ITSELF and all records regarding My father being JAILED that day.

    This is a Federal Freedom of Information Act and a FOIL Demand as well as a Report Of Judicial Corruption. Your copy of my correspondence with ms Vogel in the Warren County Court's Office is below.

    Thank You

    Dear Ms. Vogel,

    I am needing a Copy of the Final Judgement or Final Order of Foreclosure and the Notice of Appeal which would have been filed by Attorney John Hall, Sr (The Late Judge John Hall ) and the Determination of That Appeal as decided by the Appeals Court.

    Additionally Clifford Witham was arrested and Jailed at the Foreclosure Sale on January 12th or so 1970. I am needing the Charges and The Final Adjudication regarding that arrest and incarceration. It should be in the Docket File for the Date of the Foreclosure Possibly as a Docket Margin Entry made by the Judge or Clerk.

    I am needing the APPEAL that was filed produced and the Appellate Court's Full Records

    In connection with this Seizure and Sale of My Family's Marina The East Shores Harbour ..... the Payment for the Foreclosure Bid was NOT paid for MONTHS after the Sale and That is SIMPLY improper and very unlawful.

    Thank You

    Judson Witham

    Respond In Writing Only.

    Clifford B. Witham II and Anita F. Witham. Index # 13876 commenced July 18, 1969 with Arthur R. Greenberg as ptf vs. Clifford B Witham and Anita Witham, et al as def.

    The docket card lists a number of documents filed, including a notice of appeal on June 24, 1971, followed by ref report 5/31/73, order and aff of serv of notice of motion.

    I am needing the Appellate Decision or Ruling / Action on the Appeal. I need the records of the action taken by the Appeals Court Thank You

    Judson Witham
    Feb 15 (9 days ago)

    to ethicsgate, ventre, bonacic

    I am DEMANDING that The State of New York Produce the Appellate Court Ruling on My Parents Appeal. The Reality is Our 600 Acre Marina and Home at Lake George THE EAST SHORES HARBOUR MARINA at Harris Bay was STOLEN. Illegal Gangster Style Fraudulent Foreclosures have been going on in Warren County NY for a very very very very long time.

    This is a FORMAL Judicial Conduct Complaint
    cc Eric Sneiderman / US DOJ - FBI - Et Al

  6. The VAST Scamming over Lands Around Lake George seems to be LEGENDARY ..... STAY TUNED ....