Sunday, July 28, 2013

Furor Grows To Remove State Judge Over Ethics Conflicts

Petition to Remove Judge Builds Momentum

The ever-growing movement to remove New York Judge Laura Drager from the bench has reached exponential proportions. It is believed that members of the legal community have joined the group of unhappy litigants in questioning Judge Drager's actions.

Apparently, lawyers have formally joined the mounting complaints to The New York State Attorney General's office and The Commission on Judicial Conduct where filings document Drager's unusual impartiality, alarming court orders, blatant conflicts of interest, and a reported disregard of domestic violence.
One hot troubling issue ignored by The Commisson on Judicial Conduct is the court-appointed attorney Margery Greenberg's appearance in the Drager court after contributing to the book, The Good Divorce by lawyer-author- and opposing counsel, Raoul Felder.  The eyebrow-raising fact involves the lack of disclosing the conflict of attorney Greenberg before Judge Drager where attorney Felder and Margery represent different parties.

The petition can be reviewed and signed at:


  1. When will one of our so-called leaders stand up and remove this judge from the bench.

    Judges like Drager destroy families while ignoring ethics and the law. But they make sure certain lawyer friends make a lot of money. Disgraceful !

  2. Petition signed (and just pee'd me off - what is this "promote" Petition at many cents per - WTF)!