Thursday, January 1, 2015

Judge Not Too Drunk to Tell Cops, "I'll Take Care of This"

  "Come on, I'm a judge.  I'll take care of this.  I'll take care of it.  We don't have to do anything about this," Harrison, New York Town Justice Marc J. Lust reportedly told police after he smashed another car with his Jaguar, drove away, and then refused to take a breath test.

  Apparently, Judge Lust, who is also a partner at a Manhattan law firm, Dopf, P.C., is quite familiar with how New York political insiders are able to "put the fix in" so to "take care" of things.  Speaking of New York "fixes," judge/attorney Lust was "elected" in 2011 in the Westchester Town of Harrison after he appeared on both the Republican and Democratic lines- a classic and sobering election scam that has disgraced New York voters, and the rule of law, for way too long..... READ MORE......
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  1. In Westchester the Judges effectively do what they what! So this thug was in the City and I guess that he figured it's the same! He had a big surprise! Haven't heard - was he removed yet? If not why?