Saturday, October 19, 2013

Corruption Wins Latest Round, Andrew Cuomo Abdicates Governorship, for Role of Commissioner

The Comedy of Corruption, by Andrew Cuomo
"This is a job for Batman" (Police Commissioner Gordon, 1966)

Andrew M. Cuomo, the self-appointed Commissioner of Corruption, has apparently resigned his position as New York's Governor. 

On Friday, October 18, 2013,, in association with, announced that "The Most Important Campaign of Our Time Begins…. WANTED -  A Governor to Fight Corruption - A Governor to Restore the Faith of the People in Their Government - The search for such a person begins…."

Robert J. Duffy, elected as New York's Lieutenant Governor in 2010, is New York's de facto Governor.  New York Governor Duffy has a long, solid and, importantly, real history of community service. Governor Duffy is a former Chief of Police of Rochester, and he led important reform there as its Mayor during the worst  economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Commissioner Andrew Cuomo obviously disagrees with Governor Duffy as to how to affect true reform.  In the world of New York corruption, Commissioner Cuomo embraces the establishment of "commissions" while  simultaneously sabotaging true reform by screwing with the works of otherwise good-intentioned member appointees- and all through backdoor politics.

While we await the formation of yet another useless commission- perhaps a commission to "investigate" the priming (read: corrupting) of the Moreland Corruption Commission- please ponder:

Cuomo chickens out on corruption
NY Post by the Editorial Board - October 9, 2013

"That's the message Gov. Cuomo just sent about his vow to clean up Albany… once the Moreland [Commission] folks started doing real things… suddenly everyone in Albany is on the same side. It's just not the side of the state's citizens."

Off the leash
NY Daily News - Opinion - October 18, 2013

"Cuomo['s] back-room meddling risks trashing the commission's credibility- and ruining this generation's last, best shot at cleaning up Albany……Cuomo acknowledges that the [Moreland] panel is not truly independent since it answers to him and uses staff borrowed from his office."

"Holy Nightmare" (Boy Wonder, Robin, 1966)


  1. Cuomo needs a reality check.

  2. Cuomo is either completely corrupt himself, incapable of dealing with such a problem, or simply naive as to how bad the corruption is in New York. No matter how you look at, Andrew Cuomo has miserably failed each and every citizen of New York.

  3. While 'commissioner' Cuomo, in the spirit of Batman, describes many of the laughable efforts by Andrew, perhaps the moniker JOKER would be better suited for him and his 'efforts' to clean up the cesspool of New York.

  4. As anyone who has registered to testify and speak at the Moreland Commission has learned it is a FRAUD! There are NO Public Hearings, they will not let the Citizens speak and report Corruption! It's a COVER-UP! Andy boy do hope you are reading this because the hat of a thief burns on his head! LOL Andy, boy!

  5. I'm finding more and more that the people are less and less likely to stand idle by on issues of tyranny, cronyism and corruption.

    Please keep up the great works you are doing;
    as the truth will set U.S. all free!

  6. Where there is power there will be corruption, as with power there is money and money is Power and will buy justice for those who can afford it. I don't know of anyone who is rich going to prison. I know plenty of poor people in prison and plenty of people that have had their lives ruined by our so-called justice system.
    We need Judges and other people in high possitions to have morals and values as it once was in the old days long long ago...