Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A little Cover-Up of Corruption Leads to a Flood of Cover-Ups

The New York Daily News reports on a bizarre property rights fix by insiders, "Line drawn across home of retired cop by widow of Jets great." 

It gets better. The federal judge, the Hon. Cathy Seibel, ruled in writing on September 30, 2013, that "I was snookered" by one of the involved lawyers. But the judge left unchanged the new property line she drew through the homeowner's kitchen.  Yikes.

SEE THE VIDEO:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cxbXkzIrxM 

The story further exposes the bizarre things that are happening in Pelham Manor, New York: taxpayer-paid porn cover-ups, the failure by the police chief, as directed by the Village Administrator John Pierpont, to report to ATF that weapons and grenades in evidence, and under police custody, went missing (double yikes!) and a massive scandal involving covering-up how a Pelham Manor cop was injured on-duty.

Cries of a cover-up followed the tragic November 15, 2011 serious injury of respected Pelham Manor Police Officer Michael Tillistrand and left numerous calls on Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore to appoint a Special Prosecutor over the pending investigation. 

As reported in the November 17, 2011 edition of the Westchester County Journal News, Officer Tillistrand was hit and seriously injured during a routine traffic stop on Boston Post Road in the small village of Pelham Manor. While the accident was widely reported, it took days before The Journal News uncovered that the driver of the vehicle that hit Officer Tillistrand was the daughter of the Village of Pelham Manor Fire Chief, Joseph Ruggiero. The 28-year-old Tillistrand was admitted to Jacobi Hospital with life-threatening head injuries, made tremendous progress, and spent time in Helen Hayes, a Rockland County Rehabilitation facility. 

The Journal News reported on November 16, 2011, that the Pelham Manor Police had declined to comment "...about the status of the investigation until the chief came in at 10 a.m." Reporter James O'Rourke noted in his story that, "A silver coupe was covered by a tarp, perhaps to preserve evidence as it rained," and that, "A county police accident investigator said at the accident scene that the officer who was struck had been assisting another officer who was writing a citation for the driver of a stopped car.

"However, details pertaining to driver Jillian Ruggiero's texting-while-driving activity at the time she allegedly drove into Officer Tillistrand had been, it was alleged, kept secret. In addition to the apparent conflict of the Pelham Manor Police investigating the actions of the daughter of the Pelham Manor Fire Chief, there's more. In a bizarre series of events that left administrators at Jacobi Hospital frantic, the Pelham Manor Village Manager, John Pierpont and his wife apparently appeared to visit the injured Tillistrand shortly after he was admitted. 

It was reported that Mrs. Pierpont, a nurse associated with Sound Shore Hospital in New Rochelle, began reviewing Officer Tillistrand's medical charts. Mr. and Mrs. John Pierpont were allegedly escorted out of the hospital and banned from visiting the critically injured Tillistrand at Jacobi Hospital. The Pelham Manor Village Manager, John Pierpont, is not new to controversy. In an article believed to be from October of 1997, the local Town of Pelham newspaper, The Pelham Weekly, headlined an article, "Pierpont: No Comment On Mount Kisco Case." It was reported that Mr. Pierpont had, "no comment on a Westchester County district attorney's inquiry in a Mount Kisco case," noting that, "Pierpont was village manager in Mount Kisco until two years ago." The focus of the District Attorney's investigation was, "whether a crime was committed regarding computer equipment which was unaccounted for when a recent inventory was taken." The article quoted the Mount Kisco police as saying that, "the items [had been] returned." In the Village of Pelham Manor, the Village Manager is the highest public official.

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