Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WANTED: A Governor Who Can Stop State-Sponsored Crimes Against Families

. the following WANTED poster was copied, via facsimile, to hundreds of New York politicians and media outlets..  the discussion continues  New York needs a governor who will stop Crimes Against Families by a so-called "system of justice."  Silence is NOT golden!
See the communication sent to the listed 35....

A Governor to Stop Crimes Against Families 
by a so-called “system of justice” 
the discussion continues.....

TO: Prospective 2014 NY Governor

Robert P. Astorino
Preet S. Bharara
Greg R. Ball
Andre N. Barnett
Charles Barron
Michael R. Bloomberg
John A. Catsimatidis
Sean P. Coffey
Edward F. Cox
Andrew M. Cuomo
Kristin M. Davis
Joseph J. DioGuardi
Eva M. Doyle
Robert J. Duffy
Gregory J. Edwards
C. Virginia Fields
Tanya Gendelman
Richard S. Hartunian
Howie Hawkins
William J. Hochul, Jr.
Letitia A. James
Melinda R. Katz
Raymond W. Kelly
Ron Kim
Peter Koo
Brad Lander
Wendy E. Long
Loretta E. Lynch
Melissa Mark-Viverito
Steven F. McLaughlin
Carl P. Paladino
Gustavo Rivera
Warren Redlich
Eliot L. Spitzer
Donald J. Trump, Sr.

(*direct omissions to ethicsgate@gmail.com)

Dear Prospective Governor of New York (2014),

What substantive action would you take to correct New York’s unquestioned $2 Billion corrupt and broken “system of justice” where politics trumps the rule of law, lawless cover-ups prevail, ethics oversight is corrupt, and judges, court employees and litigants are disgraced everyday?   

See today’s discussion of New York’s corrupt and grossly wasteful court system at  www.Reform2014..com

The Ultimate Violation of Trust is the Corruption of Ethics Oversight

To be removed from list, email: ethicsgate@gmail.com                                   (tel: 202-374-3680)

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  1. Boy, we got sold a sour bill of goods by Cuomo. Why is he afraid of Shelly Silver and Silver's top hack at OCA, Lippman?