Monday, December 9, 2013

Open Letter to Prospective 2014 Elected Governor of New York

. the discussion begins.. who will lead New York from the sewer of corruption ..
See the communication sent to the listed 34 individuals...

A Governor to Restore the Faith 
of the People in Their Government
the discussion begins.....

TO: Prospective 2014 NY Governor
Robert P. Astorino
Preet S. Bharara
Greg R. Ball
Andre N. Barnett
Charles Barron
Michael R. Bloomberg
Sean P. Coffey
Edward F. Cox
Andrew M. Cuomo
Kristin M. Davis
Joseph J. DioGuardi
Eva M. Doyle
Robert J. Duffy
Gregory J. Edwards
C. Virginia Fields
Tanya Gendelman
Richard S. Hartunian
Howie Hawkins
William J. Hochul, Jr.
Letitia A. James
Raymond W. Kelly
Ron Kim
Peter Koo
Brad Lander
Wendy E. Long
Loretta E. Lynch
Melissa Mark-Viverito
Steven F. McLaughlin
Carl P. Paladino
Gustavo Rivera
Warren Redlich
Eliot L. Spitzer
Donald J. Trump, Sr.

(*direct omissions to


Dear Prospective Governor of New York (2014),

What substantive action would you take to begin the process of restoring the faith of the people in their government?

Please direct your response to


The Ultimate Violation of Trust is the Corruption of Ethics Oversight


  1. I spit my coffee out all over my computer when I saw Spitzer's name-- but maybe a guy who has already had his personal dirt spread all over the globe might be someone to consider. Yes, Spitzer is/was a sexual deviant but maybe his humbling experience has taken him to a new level. Is Spitzer now an honest guy? Is he no longer a bully and thug? One thing's for sure- Sptizer's a highly intelligent person. (please just don't put Weiner's name on the list!)

  2. Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy is surely qualified ! Look at Duffy's history. Duffy gets things done. He's not full of sh&$ like so many of the other politicians we have. Duffy is a man of action, and was until he got to Albany and Cuomo's army told him to keep his mouth shut.

  3. The Albany Times Union "Capitol Confidential" is reporting that Andrew Cuomo spent his first night out of the state last night (Andy's in D.C. grabbing cash). Can someone please ask Governor Andrew Cuomo a/k/a "GOV. DISAPPOINTMENT" to just stay out of New York. Yes, he can just stay in Washington, D.C. with the other do-nothings.

  4. While Donald Trump rubs most people the wrong way he'd be great to straighten out the financial mess that New York state is in. Paladino would also be good but hopefully his handlers have told me how to keep his mouth shut. The guy named Andrew Cuomo would never make a good governor :-) I would vote for Ray Kelly in a second- one of the most level headed guys around. Preet Bharara appears to be too much of a politician and he's had many chances to lock up NY's insiders. What ever happened to the RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH guy?

  5. Giving Up on Corrupt New YorkDecember 9, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    Eliot Scumbag Spitzer: NO WAY. He's insame.

    I would only want to see that fiasco if Queen Hooker Kristin Davis was his running mate. Maybe Davis could be on top… of the ballot, that is…..

  6. New York needs Governor Howie Hawkins!! Can we take a break from the downstate-bred governors? That hasn't been working out too well ! Howie understands ALL NEW YORKERS !!!

  7. Wake up, folks. Take a minute and listen to what Ed Cox has to say. I think he'd make a great governor. God knows we need a governor with the spine to insure real ethics reform.

  8. I propose an independent CZAR to hear and act on the Peoples complaints of Judicial Misconduct. Our JCC is the flyweight of all flyweights. No member of the Bar gets to know who the CZAR is... we don't want him/her corrupted immediately.